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Lake Guntersville Division, U.S.Naval Sea Cadet Corps
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Insignia of Lake Guntersville's Top Recruiters

Our Past and Present Top Recruiters.

This purpose of this Page is to Honor Our Top Recruiters, the Cadets and Staff who have been the most Outstanding Contributors to Recruitment for the Lake Guntersville Division and the United States naval sea Cadet Corps.

Top Recruiter 2001
PO3 Robert Whitehead NSCC

Petty Officer Whitehead has been a loyal member of Lake Guntersville Division since our formation, his hard work, Dedication and Attention to detail has made him one of our most valuable Cadets. Petty Officer Whitehead is persently serving in the Billet of Command Chief, Senior Enlisted liason to the Commanding Officer. Petty Officer Whitehead setd the example for all Cadets in his charge. He earned the Top Recruiter Award for his outstanding recruiting efforts in the year 2000, our first year of existence.
" A Hearty Well Done "

Top Recruiter For 2002

Will your Name be Here???????????????

For information on our Top Recruiter program contact our Recruiting Officer, LT Marrett.